Welcome to the corporate version of our world class volunteering database.

The database provides up-to-date information on thousands of charities in the UK and around the world and can be tailored to suit your own aims and ambitions as an organisation. It contains opportunities for all ages and abilities, reflecting the diversity of your workforce and opening up volunteering for everyone in your team.

Choose who and how you would like to help and focus on charities in the regions around your offices. Alternatively, open up the whole world to your staff and let them volunteer in faraway places.

This is a full, live version of the database, currently in our own colours and logos but available in your own as part of our syndicated service.

You can benefit from integrating the database onto your staff intranet. Let us do all the artwork and maintenence for you, provide you with reports on how well you're doing and be on hand for guidance should you need it. All this for an annual fee which not only benefits you but helps us to expand as a charity and help the young and disadvantaged benefit from volunteering themselves.

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