WWV works with corporate partners to develop their employee volunteering programmes – supporting CSR goals, increasing engagement with local communities, and developing employee skills and motivation.

We can provide support to your business in a range of different ways:

  • Our database syndication service enables businesses to provide a search facility on their intranet for employees to find local or national volunteering opportunities.  The database provides up-to-date information on thousands of charities in the UK and around the world and can be personally tailored to suit the aims and ambitions of your organisation.
  • Our Volunteering Project Managers are experts in all things volunteering – we can provide motivational sessions for your staff to hear about what volunteering can do for them, to inspire them to find the right opportunity, and to support them to translate intention into action.
  • We can focus our support on individual regions of interest to your company, or to specific themes which fit with your CSR goals, and provide advice on design of employee volunteering programmes and how to maximise their effectiveness.

To try the corporate version of our volunteering database, click on the search function on the right.  The database contains opportunities for all ages and abilities, reflecting the diversity of your workforce and opening up volunteering for everyone in your team. 

All proceeds of our corporate partnerships are used to fund our work supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the UK through volunteering – an additional positive outcome of any potential partnership.

For a more detailed discussion of how we can help your business in a way that suits you, please contact our office on 01935 825588.

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